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Jamie's Elsewhere A Slave A Son lyrics/英语歌曲2015年1月20日 Verse 1] When I  continued to  run away,  What kept me in your hand. Did you  ever think your flock would  stray, Or that they wouldn't  understand When you said, wait  here, tell I return. With your brother that  was lost To the  ways of the world" [Pre-Chorus] It was  your love that  said  "You're no longer a slave, But  a son" It  was your love that said "You're no longer a slave, But a  son" But a son  [Chorus] Catch   me in your arms  Like stars in the eyes of telescopes, And once there  I  rest, Never let me go. No,  Never let me go [Pre-Chorus] What could I learn By fighting the fire  with matches  and gasoline. Oh how cruel  And melodramatic are we, For trying to make  sense To make  sense of all of  this. When  I hear you calling  I swear! I swear! I swear I'll run to  you! Just don't let me fall back through  the  clouds. (Through the  clouds) [Outro] Catch me in your  arms Like the stars  you  hold in your hand. 没有相关文章 A Slave A Son lyrics )

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